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Campsite near Carnac

What to see in Carnac

Take advantage of your stay at the Bois d’Amour campsite to explore the town of Carnac. This commune in the Gulf of Morbihan is home to one of the world’s most impressive menhirs. one of the most impressive groups of menhirs in the world. . Take a moment to discover its seaside resort one of the city’s must-sees admire the scenery .

Carnac is home to the world’s largest alignment of menhirs, with nearly 3,000 megaliths standing proudly on the moor. They are grouped in 12 rows stretching for nearly 1,000 meters . Book a stay in a mobile home or stilt cabin at a campsite near Carnac and observe the the incredible preservation of this site over the millennia in this little village in Brittany overlooking the site, you can see the Tumulus Saint-Michel .

This prehistoric place of prehistory has revealed within its walls two burial chambers a dolmen as well as a collection of chests filled with jewelry, prehistoric weapons, bones and pottery. . A prehistory museum has been specially created to house numerous archaeological finds on the megalithic site . A true cultural venue for young and old in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan .

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Things to do in Carnac

During your stay in Quiberon, discover another Morbihan landmark with a visit to Carnac. Try your luck at the Casino and nearby, treat yourself to a wellness break at Thalasso Thalazur Carnac and its marine spa, France’s first 100% organic thalasso . Relax with a stroll on one of Carnac’s beaches of Carnac beaches Grande Plage and the plage de Saint Colomban both awarded the Blue Flag since 2015 . Famous for its shellfish farming enjoy an oyster oyster tasting with a sea view and admire the sunset. To do so, go to Anse du Pô a real visual spectacle awaits you, created by more than 150 hectares of oyster beds .

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Campsite 20 km from Carnac

Choose to stay in a mobile home or pitch at our campsite near Carnac . You’ll enjoy a large beach of fine sand extending over 2km, a pleasant place to bask in the sun. bask in the sun or take a short stroll along the beach .

Treat yourself a stay at Bois d’Amour and discover the range of activities on offer at the Carnean seaside resort . Choose from windsurfing windsurfing kitesurfing kayaking kayaking kayaking paddle but also other sand yachts . Discover a rich architecture while soaking up the sunshine of southern Brittany. To the west of Carnac’s main beach, you’ll find the Yacht Club . Every year, the club organizes from local to international The champions will amaze you during these events.

Enjoy a 4-star campsite near Carnac by choosing Flower Camping Le Bois d’Amour linking you in only 30 min to the Morbihan town. Enjoy original, comfortable camping vacations near Carnac.